I Met a Bunch of Pretty Girls

Of course I am pretty sure that I got scammed in the process, even though the real idea seems to have to scam one of the girls in a completely different way. I am sure you know what sort of foolish and crazy things a guy will do when he is trying to get up with a girl, especially if she looks like these girls do. At any rate I spent maybe a year and a half working in video production in Singapore and someone must have found this out on Linkedin. The guy claimed he was going to pay me well to help him make a video of these girls singing, but I probably should have put some effort into finding out what he was really all about. I can not say that much was really lost. I showed up with my camera gear and my laptop. It was not enough to make a real video, which I had told them.

However the guy who was supposed to have the money never showed up. One of the girls had googled him and apparently taken a cricket bat to his lying backside. When I saw her I could feel for this guy. I would have lied to her too if you gave me three beers. At any rate they asked me what I had been promised and if I could really make the video. I sat down with a sheet of paper and went to the place which we would need to rent the stuff from. They wanted to make shortcuts and asked me if we could just make something that was ‘gritty’ or to put it bluntly cheap. I laughed and told them I could make it look like crap on purpose, but I would have a hard time making it look professional without some gear.