Thing Have Been Going Great Here

Obviously this is not like living in most places, you probably would not like it here if you got claustrophobic or whatever it is that they call it when you do not like big crowds. I have been to India and ridden the trains there, so it is not like I was unprepared for Singapore. At any rate you just have to know what is what here and how long it is going to take you to get from one place to the other. App development in Singapore is not much different than it is in any other place. In fact I probably could have stayed back to home and done all of the work there. I wanted to come here and see what it was like. So far it has been going really well for me, although I can not quite explain how I got to be exactly how lucky with this girl.

I was out drinking and dancing. I remember that part. I must have spent a small fortune and I remember part of that. I know that I was buying drinks for several pretty girls. At any rate the next morning I woke up in a strange place and there were pretty girls all over this place. I walked in on one of them as she was showering, but this did not make her start screaming. Instead she invited me to join her. Apparently she had invited me over for the night. I managed to figure out what her name was without having to ask her while she made me breakfast and another girl was telling me that my hairstyle was terrible. The third girl started to ask embarrassing questions about me and her friend. It was not so bad. Either way the three of them have been showing me around all week and it is pretty awesome, in spite of the costs involved.