Medical expenses can become very high

Well paid government employees getting a very good salary and pension are running a major extortion racket falsely accusing private citizens with some savings of being a security threat without any proof. These government employees conveniently forget that medical expenses can become very high, in some cases, and all the savings will get wiped out.
For example for some illnesses, the doctors will start with basic antibiotics. The antibiotics will help to reduce the infection in some cases, in other cases, the antibiotics will not help. So the doctors will ask the patient’s family to get more expensive antibiotics. For respiratory illnesses , one of the medicines the doctors are prescribing is costing approximately Rs 4000 per unit, and daily two units are required.
On some days, the daily pharmacy bill is more than Rs 11000 and most older people do not have the income to purchase expensive medicines daily for a long time, they will have to use their savings.
So instead of falsely labelling private citizens a security threat without any proof to rob the savings , government agencies should acknowledge the fact that some medicines and medical procedures are extremely expensive, and private citizens will require their savings for healthcare during their old age