NTRO’s new torture weapon in panaji, goa, causes insomnia and great neck pain

The harmless domain investor is unable to sleep at night, on 21 december 2019, in panaji, goa, because ntro is torturing her with a new wireless torture weapon which they have procured
indicating the complete lack of humanity and honesty of the sundar pichai led google, tata, these companies and ntro want the domain investor not to spend any cash, so that they can falsely accuse her of black money, and get their sugar babies, relatives, asociates and bribe givers a monthly government salary without doing any computer work.
the shameless fraud goan officials are doing everything possible to ensure that the domain investor does not spend time shopping, spending the cash she has though there is nothing for eating in the house.The domain investor is usually shopping at around 6 pm daily, since shopping during the day is inconvenient,

So at around 5.30 pm the domain investor had gone to her house, after which she was planning to go shopping. Indicating the cheap behavior of ntro, raw, cbi employees to prevent shopping, the raw/cbi employees manipulated the conversation and told the domain investor to come to some other place immediately, without doing the shopping work which she is normally doing, preventing her from spending cash

Tired of being exploited the domain investor stopped her computer work, and went shopping twice since she had forgotten some items. This has upset the security and ntro employees in panaji, goa, and they are using some new torture technology to cause great neck pain, in panaji
This new torture weapon is also making it difficult for the domain investor to sleep at night, so she is forced to do computer typing work to avoid wasting time .

This shows how desperate the ntro employees are in reducing the cash expenses of the domain investor who they have mercilessly cheated and exploited