Harlan Girard should be a role model for targetted individuals tortured with voice to skull technology

I wanted to change my life badly, but I wasn’t sure what to do for awhile. I took some time to really think about it and research my options, and then I suddenly knew that I wanted to go overseas to help starving children. To do so, I joined a non-profit group that works with kids overseas. I put all of my belongings into self storage in Toronto and then gave up my apartment. I gave my car to my little brother because he needed one badly. After one last Sunday night dinner with my family, I went to sleep soundly and woke up the next morning for my flight that was headed to Suriname. My whole life was about to change for the better. I’m not a selfish person. However, I had realized that I hadn’t done much to help others. Work and my own daily life got in the way of that. You have to think about cutting back so that you have more time to give more freely to others. I had not been doing that. Read More Harlan Girard should be a role model for targetted individuals tortured with voice to skull technology

I Am Living in Orillia

I got here a couple of weeks ago and all of my stuff is currently in one of those storage units in Orillia. For now I am living in a hotel, but they are going to have the apartment ready in a week or two. Apparently there are not too many places here, at least not many which met the ideas I had. The town is in between Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe, about forty minutes North of Toronto by car I would guess. At least that was how long it took when I cam up here. The company is basically going to put me in charge here, but first they are going to train me for the job, while I do the job. Read More I Am Living in Orillia

Medical records will legally prove that panaji robber queen cbi employee riddhi caro nayak has ROBBED MEMORY COPY PASTED on her brain

Goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee RUTHLESS ROBBER riddhi caro nayak, who looks like actress kangana ranaut and solange, daughter and wife of some of the most powerful and corrupt LIAR security agency employees in goa caro, nayak,related to fraud mandrekar, is one of the greatest LIARS, ROBBERS AND BANKING FRAUDSTERS in goa’s history.

panaji robber queen riddhi nayak caro did not answer JEE, work as an engineer or online, instead with the help of powerful fraud companies like google, tata and her LIAR FRAUD RELATIVES father, husband, caro, nayak, mandrekar CRIMINALLY DEFAMED a harmless single woman engineer, and had her sugar daddy vijay ROB THE MEMORY of the engineer and copy paste it on robber riddhi nayak caro’s brain . Additionally riddhi and her relatives are also extremely ruthless in robbing almost all the correspondence of the harmless single woman engineer without a legally valid reason FOR 7 YEARS holding her a virtual prisoner ,

Now the shameless Goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee RUTHLESS ROBBER riddhi caro nayak, her ROBBER LIAR father, husband and relatives are falsely claiming that the ROBBED MEMORY legally belongs to her, when actually riddhi robber relatives and sugar daddies like vijay are like TCS employee ashish barnwal and are COPY PASTING THE ROBBED MEMORY on the brain of the panaji robber queen riddhi nayak caro

CSC filed a TRADE SECRET CASE against TCS a few months after ashish barnwal COPYPASTED CODE in his email, yet goa’s cruel fraud security agencies like caro, nayak, mandrekar, chodankar think that ROBBING AND PASTING the ROBBED MEMORY of the domain investor on the brain of their relatives like riddhi siddhi sunaina is their birthright and have done so for more than 7 years. They are now trying to erase the MEMORY of the engineer whose MEMORY they ROBBED using radiation weapons

Medical and financial records will legally prove that the Goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee RUTHLESS ROBBER riddhi caro nayak has ROBBED MEMORY COPY PASTED on her brain, since she was not old enough to give 1989 JEE and has not invested any money in domain names, does not have a paypal account.

Any help to end the TRADE SECRET ROBBERY of goa’s most powerful security agency employees will be greatly appreciated.

What are ntro employees j srinivasan, puneet doing about their mentally unsound girlfriend raw employee sunaina, who is threatening to bash up people

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the fraud brahmin ntro employees j srinivasan, puneet put their harmless engineering classmate under surveillance since 2010, falsely claiming that they were worried about her health and then falsely claimed that google, tata sponsored goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan 2013 bsc was their btech 1993 ee classmate to get her a raw job with the stolen identity of their engineering classmate

In 2019, the fact that the ntro employees are liars is well known worldwide, the ntro employees had used their harmless engineer classmate as a honeypot to protect and reward their real girlfriends like sunaina chodan, siddhi riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, naina chandan, veena, asmita patel who they have got raw/cbi jobs

It appears that in 2019, the goan raw employee sunaina chodan is mentally unsound, she is hearing voices and going to people’s houses, asks them to come down to fight with her, threatening to bash them up .

the domain investor would like to ask the ntro employees what they are doing about their mentally unsound girlfriend, who is violent, and is threatening to bash people up in panaji if she spots them outside their home premises and leaves the gates of their houses open

Instead of asking others to become hardworking liar fraud sex addict ntro employees cause insomnia regularly

In a clear case of human rights abuses and torture of indian citizens, Instead of asking others to become hardworking like the engineer, domain investor and google competitor, the liar sex addict fraud ntro employees falsely label the hard working engineer as a animal and cause insomnia regularly, waking her up in the middle of the night.
No one has stopped the lazy greedy goan sex worker bhandari sunaina, siddhi, document robber veena, cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, school dropout naina, asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees faking paypal account ownership, from working hard, opening their own paypal account, and receiving payment from customers for their services or product

yet the fraud liar ntro employees are aware of the fact that their girlfriends who they have they have got raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of the real paypal account holder, are extremely lazy, inexperienced and mediocre, so they want them to lead a relaxed life, and falsely label the hardworking paypal account holder as an animal to wake her up in the middle of the night regularly.

What’s the Definition of Happiness?

I have a lot of people that tell me that they are happy in my life. I have a lot of friends that are very happy with their lives and I know that they would never think of changing. I wanted to be one of those people who always seemed happy, but I wondered if those people were really happy. I moved into Parc Esta in Singapore and I know that there are a lot of happy people there, every time I go by everyone is always walking in or out looking so happy. I knew that I had to go and look at an open house, and I saw that there were a lot of nice things that would make me happy if I decided that I wanted to move there, everything is so nice and clean and grand. Read More What’s the Definition of Happiness?

Liar fraud tata employees refuse to admit that providing services is far more stressful compared to cleaning the house

One of the greatest frauds of the indian and state governments is how they are repeating the lies of the fraud tata employees who claim that providing services to customers outside india is extremely simple, even their favorite eight standard pass school dropout naina, a semi literate lazy fraud who cannot write in english,can provide services and get payment, and that keeping a house clean is a very great achievement.

The reality is that no customer from outside india will pay eight standard pass school dropout cbi employee housewife naina, because she has no skills at all, which are of any value to customers abroad, Keeping a house clean is only a matter of time and interest. If a person has plenty of free time, and no pressure to make money, they can easily keep their house very clean. Wiping the floor, dusting, or keeping items in their place does not require any special skill, only good health and time is required

Physical work does not cause any mental stress, especially if there are no deadlines.On the other hand , work where specific skills are required, is stressful, especially when deadlines and quality standards have to be met

Unlike raw/cbi employees faking bank account ownership, real paypal account holders have to work hard, are under great stress

Spending time on the computer so that work is done, to receive payment from customers outside india is very stressful and the person who is actually doing the work does not have time for other activities
However led by mhow cheater puneet, the ntro employees are involved in a massive time fraud on indian paypal account holders, falsely associating their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced girlfriends and associates with the paypal account holder, to get all their associates, girlfriends raw/cbi jobs at the expense of the real paypal account holder.

The fraud ntro employee puneet falsely claims that their lazy fraud girlfriends, who do not spend any time on the computer at all, are members of the team of the paypal account holder, when actually there is no connection at all, it is a very cruel fraud, of the ntro employees to destroy the life of a person who they hate a lot, defaming the person, denying the person the income and opportunities she deserved.

The shameless section 420 fraud LIAR ntro employees are aware of the fact that their girlfriends, associates like eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, nayanshree hathwar, would never get a raw/cbi job with their own resume, so these cunning fraud ntro employees are falsely associating their girlfriends, with the paypal account holder, to divert all the opportunities, and cause great losses.

Working hard to meet deadlines is very stressful, and affects the appearance of the person, which is the reason why people are looking happier when they come back from a holiday. The girlfriends and associates of the fraud ntro employees have never done any work at all on the computer, are always relaxing, relying on the fraud ntro employees to make fake claims, so they are naturally looking better. On the other hand, the real paypal account holder is overworked, mentally and physically tortured, under great stress,so naturally the appearance is affected.
Again lookism is used by the liar fraud ntro employees to justify their lies and cheating.

Insomnia punishment for exposing extra marital affairs of ntro employees

The answer to Why extra-marital affairs are high in India as compared to other countries? exposing the the gooogle, tata masterminded identity theft of a single woman engineer, domain investor by ntro employees having extra marital affairs has got a lot of page views on Quora
Within 5 hours of posting the answer, it has got 2.2K page views
So it appears to punish the domain investor, the ntro, security agencies are extremely upset at the reply, so they are not allowing the domain investor to sleep at night, despite trying very hard.

There Are Opposites That Attract

I thought that it was going to be a big deal when I heard that my new blind date was really into music. I am not into music as far as playing it or understanding notes, but I do know that music can be very powerful if you allow it to be. I believe that music can really transform your entire day if you hear a certain song and it brings back a lot of fond memories, it is like therapy for many people. My friend told me that he was a guitar junky and that he liked to play and sing a lot of different songs. I knew that it was going to be a far cry from the typical kind of guy that I would go out with on my own or someone who I may consider seeing. Read More There Are Opposites That Attract

Pathological liar ntro, google, tata employees parmar, parekh, patel, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay and others , require MENTAL CHECKUP for telling lies non stop

Indian media and government talks about the United States,emulate these countries however in the United states, UK, telling lies is a crime, and those who have told lies like Michael cohen,jeffrey archer have been jailed .

However in a clear example of widepread indian government and corporate fraud , Pathological liar ntro, google, tata employees parmar,parekh patel, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay and others , require a MENTAL CHECKUP for telling lies non stop since 2010, falsely claiming that their girlfriends, girlfriends children and relatives who are not doing any work online, not investing money online , have not worked as engineers , are doing work online, own the websites where the news of their extra marital affair, fraud are posted to get their associates R&AW/cbi jobs at the expense of the real domain investor.

These fraud ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata employees are lecturing people about honesty when they are greatest liars, frauds in the world, duping people, companies and countries with their complete lies about website ownership.

Chainsmoking husband of school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina causes air pollution

The chainsmoking husband of the the google tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina is complaining when the domain investor is growing plants, when actually he is causing air pollution with his constant smoking of cigarettes
In fact, it is well known that plants help reduce air pollution, while smoking is a health hazard. In addition to causing cancer and other health problems for the smoker, it also causes health problems for those in the vicinity.
The presence of the smoker is detected by the characteristic stink of the smoker
The chainsmoking husband of the goan governments favorite school dropout is so adddicted to smoking, that he is having a cigarette stub in his mouth, even when he is doing activities like installing the blue LED lighting rope in his house

Before he bribes the saudi killer type liar corrupt panaji officials to harass the domain investor with his fake plant and mosquito stories, it is time that he is caught and fined for smoking in public places,causing air pollution and health hazards to all those in the vicinity.