There Are Opposites That Attract

I thought that it was going to be a big deal when I heard that my new blind date was really into music. I am not into music as far as playing it or understanding notes, but I do know that music can be very powerful if you allow it to be. I believe that music can really transform your entire day if you hear a certain song and it brings back a lot of fond memories, it is like therapy for many people. My friend told me that he was a guitar junky and that he liked to play and sing a lot of different songs. I knew that it was going to be a far cry from the typical kind of guy that I would go out with on my own or someone who I may consider seeing. Continue reading “There Are Opposites That Attract”

Harlan Girard should be a role model for targetted individuals tortured with voice to skull technology

I wanted to change my life badly, but I wasn’t sure what to do for awhile. I took some time to really think about it and research my options, and then I suddenly knew that I wanted to go overseas to help starving children. To do so, I joined a non-profit group that works with kids overseas. I put all of my belongings into self storage in Toronto and then gave up my apartment. I gave my car to my little brother because he needed one badly. After one last Sunday night dinner with my family, I went to sleep soundly and woke up the next morning for my flight that was headed to Suriname. My whole life was about to change for the better. I’m not a selfish person. However, I had realized that I hadn’t done much to help others. Work and my own daily life got in the way of that. You have to think about cutting back so that you have more time to give more freely to others. I had not been doing that. Continue reading “Harlan Girard should be a role model for targetted individuals tortured with voice to skull technology”

I Am Living in Orillia

I got here a couple of weeks ago and all of my stuff is currently in one of those storage units in Orillia. For now I am living in a hotel, but they are going to have the apartment ready in a week or two. Apparently there are not too many places here, at least not many which met the ideas I had. The town is in between Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe, about forty minutes North of Toronto by car I would guess. At least that was how long it took when I cam up here. The company is basically going to put me in charge here, but first they are going to train me for the job, while I do the job. Continue reading “I Am Living in Orillia”

Senior citizen, diabetes patients adversely affected by the lockdown

In goa, there has been a complete lockdown for 7 days since March 22, 2020 with curfew relaxed only for a few hours on March 24, 2020.
This is adversely affecting the health of senior citizens, diabetes patients who do not have access to fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables.
The health of a person depends to a large extent on the food they eat, Lack of proper nutritious food is likely to worsen the health of a large number of people, especially senior citizens, diabetes patients
There is no information on where citizens can get fresh food. Any information will be appreciated. Please send email to

Google employee one of the first persons in India, to test positive for corona virus

A google employee who is not named, is one of the first persons in India who was tested positive for corona virus according to the mainstream media
The google employee had got the virus after visiting Italy for his honeymoon along with his wife from Agra
His wife was also featured extensively in the national media for her travels
This highlights a feature unique to the coronavirus, it is mainly affecting the wealthy like the google employee, who can afford to go to italy for honeymoons
People with less money, like the domain investor, cheated, robbed and exploited by google, tata, tech companies have to think twice before going to mumbai, they cannot dream of going abroad.

Doctors are paid Rs 600-Rs 1000 for a consultation, to avoid paying the domain investor for her expertise, google, tata CRIMINALLY DEFAME, ROB her

Doctors charge Rs 600-1000 for a consultation, google, tata ROB TRADE SECRETS, MEMORY of domain investor for ten year without any compensation
Indicating the extent of the TRADE SECRET ROBBERY of the robber it and internet companies, to avoid paying business expenses, salaries ROBBER it and internet companies google, tata have ROBBED the TRADE SECRETS, MEMORY of the domain investor for ten years without a court order or legally valid reason with the help of ROBBER BRAHMIN ntro employees like mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, security agencies
Just like doctors spend a lot of time and money to get their education and training, the domain investor has invested a huge amount of money more than Rs 1.5 crore on domain names and 13 years of her life. The doctors are charging Rs 600-1000 for every consultation of a patient though the consultation may take only 15- 30 minutes per patient
yet indicating the massive TRADE SECRET ROBBERY, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES the indian and state government especially in goa , google, tata refuse to pay the domain investor any money for ROBBING her memory, trade secrets for ten years in a clear case of financial fraud and also do not get a court order.
R&AW/cbi also falsely claim that the ROBBED trade secrets belong to PROSTITUTE, ROBBER, CHEATER raw/cbi employees like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, indore robber deepika, nayananshree hathwar who do not do any computer work, do not invest in domains, so their only real and legally acquired memories will be housekeeping, coooking, enjoying themselves and having sex
Any help to end the ROBBERY, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES of the domain investor will be appreciated, please contact

Blood pressure medicine causes dizziness, fatigue, loss of balance in senior citizen

Doctors are always measuring the blood pressure and sugar levels in those who come for a health checkup. They will often prescribe strong medicines for those who have high blood pressure
However, the side effects of these medicines are very severe and are not documented at all
A senior citizen was able to move about independently for some time.
However after he was prescribed strong blood pressure medicines he started suffering from fatigue, loss of balance and became very weak, though the BP levels reduced greatly.
Earlier he could get up from the sofa alone, yet after taking the medicine, he was unable to get up alone, without any assistance,
Only after the medicine was stopped for some time, the condition improved slightly.

NTRO’s new torture weapon in panaji, goa, causes insomnia and great neck pain

The harmless domain investor is unable to sleep at night, on 21 december 2019, in panaji, goa, because ntro is torturing her with a new wireless torture weapon which they have procured
indicating the complete lack of humanity and honesty of the sundar pichai led google, tata, these companies and ntro want the domain investor not to spend any cash, so that they can falsely accuse her of black money, and get their sugar babies, relatives, asociates and bribe givers a monthly government salary without doing any computer work.
the shameless fraud goan officials are doing everything possible to ensure that the domain investor does not spend time shopping, spending the cash she has though there is nothing for eating in the house.The domain investor is usually shopping at around 6 pm daily, since shopping during the day is inconvenient,

So at around 5.30 pm the domain investor had gone to her house, after which she was planning to go shopping. Indicating the cheap behavior of ntro, raw, cbi employees to prevent shopping, the raw/cbi employees manipulated the conversation and told the domain investor to come to some other place immediately, without doing the shopping work which she is normally doing, preventing her from spending cash

Tired of being exploited the domain investor stopped her computer work, and went shopping twice since she had forgotten some items. This has upset the security and ntro employees in panaji, goa, and they are using some new torture technology to cause great neck pain, in panaji
This new torture weapon is also making it difficult for the domain investor to sleep at night, so she is forced to do computer typing work to avoid wasting time .

This shows how desperate the ntro employees are in reducing the cash expenses of the domain investor who they have mercilessly cheated and exploited

I Met a Bunch of Pretty Girls

Of course I am pretty sure that I got scammed in the process, even though the real idea seems to have to scam one of the girls in a completely different way. I am sure you know what sort of foolish and crazy things a guy will do when he is trying to get up with a girl, especially if she looks like these girls do. At any rate I spent maybe a year and a half working in video production in Singapore and someone must have found this out on Linkedin. The guy claimed he was going to pay me well to help him make a video of these girls singing, but I probably should have put some effort into finding out what he was really all about. I can not say that much was really lost. I showed up with my camera gear and my laptop. Continue reading “I Met a Bunch of Pretty Girls”

Thing Have Been Going Great Here

Obviously this is not like living in most places, you probably would not like it here if you got claustrophobic or whatever it is that they call it when you do not like big crowds. I have been to India and ridden the trains there, so it is not like I was unprepared for Singapore. At any rate you just have to know what is what here and how long it is going to take you to get from one place to the other. App development in Singapore is not much different than it is in any other place. In fact I probably could have stayed back to home and done all of the work there. I wanted to come here and see what it was like. So far it has been going really well for me, although I can not quite explain how I got to be exactly how lucky with this girl.

I was out drinking and dancing. I remember that part. I must have spent a small fortune and I remember part of that. Continue reading “Thing Have Been Going Great Here”

NCP MLA’s protest at MISUSE of their name, betrayal, no one questions their mental health, only when domain investor protests, she is harassed

Shiv sena, NCP should be aware of Brahmin FRAUD LIAR NTRO employee SOCIOPATH J srinivasan who MISUSES the name of his btech 1993 ee classmate to get goan bhandari PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, 2005 bbm raw jobs

One of the reason why the shiv sena, NCP are facing the problem at present, is because the political parties refused to take any action against the fraud liar ntro employees led Brahmin FRAUD LIAR NTRO employee SOCIOPATH J srinivasan who MISUSES the name of his btech 1993 ee classmate to get goan bhandari panaji PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, 2005 bbm from bhandarkar college of arts and science kundapura, udupi karnataka, raw jobs falsely claiming that they were his btech 1993 ee classmate
The Brahmin FRAUD LIAR NTRO employee SOCIOPATH J srinivasan HATES his btech 1993 ee classmate from a top engineering college in Mumbai , so to destroy her life and criminally defame her, he falsely claims that he knows, MISUSING her name to get his LAZY GREEDY SUGAR BABIES btech 1993 ee classmate to get goan bhandari panaji PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, 2005 bbm from bhandarkar college of arts and science kundapura, udupi karnataka, raw jobs at the expense of his btech 1993 ee classmate who he hates

The indian and state governments especially in goa, karnataka are BLINDLY believing in the LIES of SOCIOPATH LIAR j srinivasan, though the single woman engineer can legally prove that she never interacted with him in her life and he is MISUSING her name
After this other ntro employees like parmar, parekh, puneet, vijay, nikhil sha are also MISUSING the name of the engineer, domain investor they HATE
Like the NCP MLA’s protested that they were tricked into attending the swearing in ceremony, the engineer is also protesting loudly against the fraud of j srinivasan, and other LIAR SOCIOPATH ntro employees who are MISUSING her name

When no one questions the mental health of the NCP MLA’s who are complaining of being tricked, or their name being MISUSED, why is the government questioning the mental health of the engineer whose name is MISUSED by the SOCIOPATH LIAR ntro employees who HATE her

LIAR HYPOCRITE NTRO employee do everything to destroy the health of domain investors they HATE, and then falsely claim that they are worried

LIAR HYPOCRITE NTRO employees led by the mhow cheater puneet do everything to destroy the health of domain investors they HATE, criminally defaming them, MISUSING their name, mentally and physically torturing them, causing mental stress and then falsely claim that they are worried
No one has the honesty and humanity to question them on their lies and fraud

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Kindly note that ntro, raw, cbi employees and their associates are not associated with the website in any way since they do not pay any domain expenses at all, though the indian and state governments especially goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka government are making fake claims DUPING domain registries, registrars and ICANN in a major DOMAIN, FINANCIAL FRAUD for the last 10 years allegedly bribed by google, tata to increase the profit of these companies.