Location specific radiation torture, headache, memory loss, pain, in panaji, goa

India’s largest female domain investor and a google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai has experienced very great pain in panaji, goa for the last 5 years since 2012 due to directed energy weapons, radiation torture making it difficult to do any work online and offline, causing great financial losses, affecting her appearance also.
It appears that some local security, ntro employees have been hired to stalk and torture her by indore fraud R&AW employees veena, deepika, mahesh, and others, causing very great pain, headache, memory loss, chest pain using hitech radiation weapons . These cunning cruel criminal officials are then falsely claiming that it is a health problem, and a medical checkup is required.
However realizing that the pain was caused due to radiation only, the domain investor decided to spend some time in another place in goa itself 15-20 km away where the local security, ntro employees have not been bribed to stalk and torture her. It is observed that for 4 days, she is not experiencing any pain at all at the location outside panaji, clearly indicating that the health problems are manmade and intentional, using the most hitech torture weapons available to NTRO, security agencies