Corporates label Innovators in India as mentally unsound to acquire technology cheaply

To acquire talent and technology cheaply indian corporates allegedly google, tata falsely label harmless innovators as mentally unsound and being a security threat without any proof at all.
For example trading in seo domains can be profitable if a wordpress blog is installed, some ad networks are paying $3 for each blog, others pay up to $3.5 a month and if the domain is deindexed, it can be sold at a price higher than renewal + registration fee at some registrars making some profit, approximately $10 a year per domain name. However the amount that can be made from a blog per month is limited so a large number of blogs and domain names, more than 1000 are required to make a reasonable amount monthly
However the dishonest ntro, cbi, security agency employees freelancing for google, tata are falsely claiming that wordpress blog installation, domain registration is an indication of mental insanity, when the domain investor is only trying to maximize the returns from his or her investment . Google, tata are too miserly to invest their own money in domain names and find the market demand, however to acquire talent and technology cheaply, they are falsely and maliciously labelling the harmless domain investors as being mentally unsound to defame them, deny them the income and opportunities she deserved
Why is trying to make a fair living, a fundamental right, labelled as a sign of mental insanity by indian government employees