Harlan Girard should be a role model for targetted individuals tortured with voice to skull technology

I wanted to change my life badly, but I wasn’t sure what to do for awhile. I took some time to really think about it and research my options, and then I suddenly knew that I wanted to go overseas to help starving children. To do so, I joined a non-profit group that works with kids overseas. I put all of my belongings into self storage in Toronto and then gave up my apartment. I gave my car to my little brother because he needed one badly. After one last Sunday night dinner with my family, I went to sleep soundly and woke up the next morning for my flight that was headed to Suriname. My whole life was about to change for the better. I’m not a selfish person. However, I had realized that I hadn’t done much to help others. Work and my own daily life got in the way of that. You have to think about cutting back so that you have more time to give more freely to others. I had not been doing that. When I researched my options online, I came across the non-profit agency that accepts volunteers who are interested in serving others. The promised me room and board as well as all the food and toiletries that I would need each month. They also pay for your flight to one of the countries they operate in. The morning that I arrived in Suriname, I met up with a group of volunteers who were there with the same agency. Most of them had been volunteering for years. I had signed up for a year-long stint, and I was eager to start my training. I would be volunteering at a health and nutrition clinic. I would help to teach the local mothers better nutrition and I would also be helping to take blood draws so that volunteer doctors could check to see which locals were deficient in supplements and vitamins.