Renter’s Insurance Options for My House

When I moved to Regina, I was pretty happy because it was a new start for me. I had been living in the United States for a while, but I was never able to fully feel comfortable there. When a job opportunity opened up in Regina, I immediately took advantage of it. I was able to find a really nice house to rent as well. It was not until I had been living here for about a month that I realized I should check a Regina insurance company about getting renter’s insurance.

I did not have a lot of valuable possessions, but I would still suffer a significant loss if anything were to happen to my things. If my house would catch fire when I am at work, I would more than likely lose everything because it is several miles from the fire station. I knew that renter’s insurance would cover more than just damages from a fire though. It would also protect against vandalism, theft and more. I live near a small stream that turns into a raging river when there are significant storms, so I wanted to make sure that my insurance policy would cover that too.

It is a good thing that I did that, because it does cover some water damage. However, the damage must be because of something that happened inside, like a burst pipe or a flooded toilet. If it is damaged because of a flood from the stream, it is not covered at all. Thankfully, the insurance company I have was able to offer me the right type of flood insurance for that too. It was easy to get the quotes I needed to make sure that these were affordable policies, which they were. That was the final thing I had to do to complete this fresh start of mine.