Really Helped Our Grow Operation

I started looking for a dry trimming machine right off the bat when the state finally legalized marijuana and we turned legitimate. In the bad old days, which weren’t all that long ago actually, it was possible to trim your buds by hand. Why wouldn’t it have been easy? We weren’t selling all that much because it was so risky to grow a lot. We would grow enough for a few pounds and do all the trimming by hand. It took a long time, and didn’t look as good, but it did the job. People weren’t picky back then.

But now that it’s legal? People are very, very picky about the product. There’s a thing called bag appeal and it applies more now than ever before. People want to see tight buds and very little shake. If they want to buy shake, and many do, they want it separately. I’ve never seen buyers get so picky about their bud, but it’s the new way of the world. The trimming problem quickly became apparent when we ramped up our operation and then tried to hand trim a lot more weed. It was an exhausting task and took forever, so long that we couldn’t get the product out fast enough.

That’s where the trimming machine came in. We got a great device where you feed the marijuana into the device and it whirs away and quickly separates the wheat from the chaff so to speak. In no time at all we had amazing looking buds and piles of shake and it was so easy to just package the stuff up for presentation and sale. I can’t praise this device enough. Anyone looking to enter the legal weed market absolutely must acquire one of these amazing machines. It will make the difference between succeeding and failing.