My Gram Does Not Like Flowers

My grandmother has never been the type to enjoy flowers. She has received some through the years and was very gracious in receiving them, but more often than not, they would end up at my house within a couple of days. For as much as my grandmother cannot stand flowers, I love them! I wanted to get her something nice when she fell ill a few months ago. It was a particularly rough illness, and she was bedridden for nearly two weeks. I ended up looking at Succulents in Melbourne because there was a nice variety, and I knew I would be able to find something that she would like.

While she is not a fan of flowers, she does not mind greenery at all. Yeah, I cannot figure her out either, but that’s okay. I found a florist in Melbourne who has a wide variety of Succulents, and I actually ended up getting one for myself too because of how unique it is. The first order of business though was to find one for my gram. As soon as I saw the one that was based on a lighthouse design, I knew that it was the one I was going to get for her.

Called the Tomis, it is a glass plate that has a lighthouse on it along with rocks, seashells and succulents. It truly is beautiful, and I knew she would love it because she loves anything to do with the sea. She has a pretty impressive lighthouse collection, and I knew that she would cherish this one too. The best part is that I was able to have it delivered the same day that I ordered it. I was worried that I would give it away before it arrived, but same day delivery took that away. I was right because she still tells me to this day how much she loves it.