A Quick Introduction to Vaping

When I first started vaping, I did it as a way to get away from regular smoking. I had been smoking cigarettes since the middle of high school, and it follow me into college and my adult life. I hated having to buy those expensive packs of cigarettes and being hooked on them, but I just couldn’t shake the way they made me feel. A friend of mine told me that I should give vaping a shot and go to the Taft Street Smoke Shop to buy some equipment, because I would have a large selection of things to chose.

My friend wasn’t kidding about the selection, because there were so many flavors that I didn’t know where to begin. For cigarettes, there were really only a small selection of flavors, and if you didn’t like those, then you simply had to just deal with it and smoke anyway or quit. These vape flavors were far out of the realm of what I thought could be produced for inhaling. I don’t know what kind of mind would sit down one day and decide to come up with a cookies and cream flavor for vapor, but I want to meet this person and shake their hand.

My friend helped me pick out a vaporizer and some flavor liquid. I picked that cookies and cream flavor that looked so interesting and a raspberry sour straw flavor. I used to love eating those as a kid, so I was eager to find out if they could be properly reproduced in vapor form. When the products arrived, I started using them almost immediately. It helped that I had a friend to show me how to use everything so I didn’t have to waste time reading the instructions. My first vape was one of the most satisfying things.