Memory, brain wave reading to cause health problems

The cunning fraud ntro employees freelancing for google, tata managed to very effectively use memory, brain wave reading to cause maximum mental stress to the google competitor whose resume, retirement savings, memory and correspondence these fraud NTRO employees had stolen without a court order or legally valid reason since 2010. It is observed that when ntro, security agency employees are finding that a particular incident is making the domain investor very angry and adversely affecting her health, they are trying to repeat the incident so that she again becomes angry, to waste her time and damage her health
For example, once the domain investor became very angry when R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan pretended to be receiving the parcel from Amazon, so again the ntro, security agency employees sent sunaina with her friend in front of the domain investor. However now instead of becoming angry, the domain investor tries to remember all details like clothes, hairstyle, accessories, of the person send by the organized stalkers like sunaina, so that they can be described in great detail .

When she will leave the house, they increase the harassment as their associates are available for organized stalking