Denial of information to create mental stress

Now it is increasingly clear that the cunning fraud ntro employees puneet, parmar intentionally denied information to the google competitor, india’s largest female domain investor so that she would make mistakes and also they could cheat, exploit and torture her for the rest of her life. They cunningly pretended that they could not contact her directly due to some very important reason, and were sending messages through what she was seeing and she had to figure out.

Unfortunately the domain investor fell for the trap, and these cunning officials started sending her unpleasant messages to humiliate her, make her angry and cause mental stress. Now slowly the domain investor is teaching herself to stop looking for messages, because all these ntro employees hate her and it will be best to ignore these section 420 fraud ntro employees who are like eve teasers, goondas on the road harassing women, who are best ignored

If the domain investor had been provided information directly by the fraud ntro employees puneet, parmar, she would not have developed the habit of looking for messages, harming herself in the long term,