Radiation torture while sleeping causes great pain,insomnia

Though the domain, banking fraudster raw/cbi employees, tech and internet companies are extremely wealthy, they do not have the honesty and humanity to legally purchase domains from the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor.

Instead they criminally defame her, torture her using the latest radiation weapons, wireless torture technology available and then continue with their domain ownership fraud to get a monthly government salary, great powers.
Though the cheater raw/cbi employees refuse to legally purchase the domains, do not pay expenses, being extremely greedy shameless cheaters, liars, they falsely claim to own the domains of a private citizen, and are blocking all domain sales with their fake rumors,duping people, companies and countries worldwide.
Only the domain registrar is aware that raw/cbi employees are not paying expenses, and some domains are being sold at the domain marketplace. It appears that indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena, haryana gurugram fraud mba ruchita kinge are expecting to get all the LLLL.com domains from the domain investor who is making great losses and has lowered the prices of the llll.com and other domains to a great extent to cover her expenses.
Finally one LLLL.com domain was sold, and it appears that raw/cbi employees were extremely furious. If they use radiation to torture the domain investor when she is awake, she will detect the pain and move away immediately. So now the extremely cruel cunning cheater government employees have decided to attack her when she is fast asleep. On 13 January 2024, when the domain investor was fast asleep, she was attacked using radiation weapons causing a very severe headache which continues even 12 hours after the radiation attack.

The radiation attack causes damage to the brain cells, adversely affecting memory, cognitive ability, making it difficult to do housekeeping and other work the next day. So before commenting on the condition of the single woman engineer’s house, the tech, internet companies should think of the horrific human rights abuses which are inflicted on her by the extremely CRUEL CUNNING cheater indian government employees faking domain ownership, online income