Hydro Jetting in Bergen Was a Learning Trip

The hydro jetting in Bergen County nj was business as usual. When a sewer line is completely backed up with roots, sediment or grease, we can use an extremely powerful hydro jetting machine to clear blockages. The piece of equipment will not only clear debris but will also thoroughly clean your sewer lines and pipes without damaging them. Many of our clients choose to getting high velocity water jetting done in order to prevent sewage flooding into their basement.

The water jetting machine is highly portable and capable of penetrating the smallest lines. A pump-jet works by having an intake (usually at the bottom of the hull) that allows water to pass underneath the vessel into the engines. Water enters the pump through this inlet. The pump can be of a centrifugal design for high speeds, or an axial flow pump for low to medium speeds. The water pressure inside the inlet is increased by the pump and forced backwards through a nozzle. With the use of a reversing bucket, reverse thrust can also be achieved for faring backwards, quickly and without the need to change gear or adjust engine thrust. The reversing bucket can also be used to help slow the ship down when braking.

This feature is the main reason pump jets are so maneuverable. The nozzle also provides the steering of the pump-jets. Plates, similar to rudders, can be attached to the nozzle in order to redirect the water flow port and starboard. In a way, this is similar to the principles of air thrust vectoring, a technique which has long been used in launch vehicles (rockets and missiles) then later in military jet-powered aircraft. This provides pumpjet-powered ships with superior agility at sea. Another advantage is that when faring backwards by using the reversing bucket, steering is not inverted, as opposed to propeller-powered ships.