Two Tyres Gone in a Day

I’m the kind of person who takes great lengths to take care of my car. I wash it once a week, regardless of whether rain will fall or not. I regularly change the oil and give the car a diagnostic to make sure all of the parts are functioning properly. I even check the pressure of all the tyres and the spare tyre. Sometimes proper care can’t overcome unforeseen circumstances. While driving one day, I ran over something and blew a tyre in Dandenong. I pulled over to the side of the road and took out my spare tyre and put it on the car. I started driving again, bu then I ran over something else and blew the spare tyre.

I had no choice but to find a tyre shop as close to my location as possible and buy a replacement there. I used my phone to plan a route to the closest store and use what little bit of air I had in the spare tyre to get there. I was worried that I would be riding on my rims soon enough, but I had just enough air to get there. I bought one new tyre and one new spare, and inspected the other ones to make sure I hadn’t run over anything else.

After changing the tyres, I got back on the road again and was scanning the road more cautiously than before. I couldn’t figure out what I ran over that caused my tyres to blow, but whatever it was, there was probably more of it. I realized that it would be a good idea to have some kind of sealant in my car just in case my tyres blow again. It wouldn’t be a permanent repair, but something to make stop any air leaks long enough to get to a tyre shop.