Another night of insomnia

To acquire talent and technology cheaply, google, tata are ruthless in harassing indian paypal account holders, domain investors, to ruin their health, falsely claiming that domain investors are a security threat without any proof at all, when domain investing is trading, just like any other commodity or product. Whenever paypal payment is received the domain investor is tortured to cause great pain, and insomnia .
Again on 24 June 2017, it appears that Ntro employees again used expensive insomnia causing equipment to wake up a domain investor at around 1.55 am , and the high radiation levels are not allowing the domain investor to go to sleep for over 1 hour in panaji, goa. The radiation will make the victim get up suddenly. This insomnia causing equipment is used in many parts of the country, or the cellphone towers are adjusted to cause insomnia.
Any information about the exact technology, equipment and frequencies used by ntro to intentionally cause insomnia will be appreciated.