Security agencies specialize in humiliating people

According to an answer in quora, humiliation is part of the culture in security agencies, army because they do not want anyone to back answer to their superiors, the senior officers want complete obedience from their juniors and subordinates, who will obey all orders without being questioned, taking great risk. So the security agencies have perfected the art of humiliation, defamation, destroying the self esteem of those reporting to them, understanding the psychology of humiliation in great detail, how to make a person unhappy and destroy his self worth.
While these tactics will work with employees of security agencies, after some time they have limited effect on private indian citizens, who try to analyze why they are being defamed and humiliated in this way, when they are private citizens, not answerable to anyone.
for example rewarding all those who cheated, defamed the domain investor will humiliate her, however in the long term it is not a good idea, as tax payer money is wasted, the image of india is being damaged.