Swimming as an exercise

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Swimming is one of the most popular sports for relaxation and also a form of exercise, to remain fit worldwide. It is particularly popular for relaxation during summer when temperatures are high in most parts of the world causing sweating, as the cool water in the swimming ppol reduces the body temperature to a lower level. It is proved that swimming is an excellent exercise for increasing the metabolic rate and exercising the whole body helping to lose weight. Most hotels and resorts have a swimming pool where guests can enjoy themselves on a holiday, swimming, relaxing in the swimming pool, or playing water games in the swimming pool. People of all ages and genders can enjoy themselves swimming in the pool or other water body.

However it is necessary to ensure that the person is well trained before he or she goes swimming as there is always a possibility that the person may drown. In the sea, river, lakes or other water bodies, there is always a possibility that a current may be very strong or wave may knock the person down, so unless the person has the necessary safety gear, swimming can be risky. It is recommended that a person swims in a pool where safety measures are implemented.