Voice to skull technology used for sending unpleasant messages

Times of India had an article on people hearing voices however they did not analyze the matter scientifically and admit the fact that NTRO, indian intelligence and security agencies are using voice to skull technology to ruthlessly torture harmlesss indian citizens. The website noise.in has detailed information about the technology and references, this blog will only mention the specific messages which ntro employees are using to cause mental stress. In the United States, people are more honest and it is well known that the technology is used to send unpleasant messages to people who have powerful enemies.
In India also it is used to send unpleasant messages, however those sending these messages are cunning enough to pretend that they are trying to help, they are well wishers, so that the messages are not ignored.
It can be extremely irritating for any person to find that he or she is hearing negative news and messages all the time using voice to skull technology to cause mental stress, with most of the news and messages false
For example since 2011, the messages are claiming that the domains will be sold, however after 6 years, no one is willing to pay the market price of the domain names, the message is sent only to create mental stress, uncertainty and make the domain investor take incorrect decisions, causing great losses. While organized stalking can be reduced by staying at home, the voice to skull technology messages are more difficult to eliminate
Again a lot of discipline is required to train the mind to ignore these messages