Shifting of pharmacy is very inconvenient

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Most people have to visit pharmacies if they require medicine. In Panaji, there were two women owned pharmacies , and both of them have closed or shifted. This is very inconvenient for their customers. Many people are asking the pharmacy staff for medicines instead of visiting the doctor.

There are no general practictioner in some areas, so in smaller pharmacies, the staff will tell the medicines for ailments like cough or cold. For online pharmacies, a prescription is required


When options traders make rs 22 lakh in a day, government agencies do not cause insomnia, only domain investors are tortured by government agencies

One of the reasons why stock market indices are so high, is because indian citizens investing in the stock market are not tortured, subjected to human rights abuses even if they make Rs 22 lakh profit in a day, Rs 10 crore profit in a year, the companies have humanity .

In contrast the CRUEL INHUMANE GREEDY FRAUD indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata are extremely CRUEL , RUTHLESS in their human rights abuses, torture of harmless citizens, just because they have invested some money in domains
Most of the domains are costing less than Rs 50000, they are always available for sale, yet being extremely CRUEL, DISHONEST, GREEDY, google, tata, indian tech and internet companies refuse to legally purchase domains, only torture harmless citizens, domain investors, causing insomnia daily \

The refusal of the internet companies to question the CRUEL GREEDY FRAUD indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata why they are torturing harmless domain investors, is the reason why people are not investing money in domains, everyone prefers to invest in shares, where profits are higher and there are few fraud companies like google, tata ruthless in causing human rights abuses on citizens exposing their massive SEX RACKET, BANKING FRAUD since 2010

Honest goan bhandari mother-daughter mentally tortured affecting their health, while greedy goan bhandari panaji SCAMMER sisters are rewarded for their fraud

Goan bhandari Mother-daughter in panaji may also be victims of non-consensual human experimentation
While the domain investor is complaining loudly about non-consensual human experimentation on herself, there are many other women in panaji itself who are also victims of the experimentation and their lives are being destroyed. While the domain investor is able to handle the mental torture and lead a fairly normal life, the condition of the goan bhandari daughter and mother has worsened to a great extent.
For example a middle aged goan bhandari woman sita and her daughter tati are being mentally tortured or harassed in the worst manner causing mental health problems
When the domain investor relocated to goa in 2012, the mother-daughter were almost normal, greeting and speaking to people
However, in the last few years, the condition of the mother daughter has worsened to a very great extent with no one to help them at all.
The daughter tati was sitting in front of the house of the panaji sindhi scammer housewife cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, and demanding the keys to her flat which she claimed was hers
This shows the lack of humanity of the goan bhandari leaders, officials, no one is there to help the Goan bhandari Mother-daughter, other communities will not allow the condition of women to become so bad. The panaji goan bhandari scammer sisters sunaina, piyu, purvi chodan who are shameless LIARS, FRAUDS have a large support system in the goan bhandari community, while tati and her mother, who are more honest, have no help at all.

To cover up labor law violations worse than the Wistron Iphone factory CORRUPT fraud indian internet sector spreads DEFAMATORY rumors about the mental health of the victims

the Wistron Iphone factory factory labor law violations are the tip of the iceberg of the rampant labor law violations in India, with the indian internet and tech sector led by google, tata the worst in committing labor law violations, making FAKE CLAIMS of computer work for the last ten years to get call girls, robber, cheater housewives, and other frauds, who do no computer work at all monthly raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the person who is actually doing the computer work
Then to cover up the computer work fraud , LABOR LAW violations, the fraud indian tech and internet companies, google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies especially in goa, are spreading false rumors about the mental health of the person who is actually doing all the work, to ruin the personal and professional reputation of the hardworking person

The hardworking person, like the single woman domain investor owning this website is perfectly normal and is doing all the work, yet the fraud companies led by google, tata are so desperate and ruthless in getting their call girls, relatives of top officials and bribe givers like greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel monthly government salaries without doing any computer work at all, without investing money in domains, that they continue repeating their complete lies like parrots

So when top officials and companies in indian internet sector are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING a domain investor or writer as mentally unsound, they are doing so mainly to cover up their own LABOR LAW violations, banking fraud for the last ten years, since they refuse to acknowledge the time that the person is spending doing the work daily, and are making fake claims about their relatives, friends,.

Mental health, age of 5000 angry Wistron Iphone factory workers not questioned, despite causing damage of Rs 50 crore

Like the angry 5000-7000 Wistron Iphone factory workers who ransacked the factory, causing losses of Rs 50 crore, because they had not been paid for a few months, the single woman domain investor owning this website is also protesting because she is not paid for the last ten years, and raw/cbi are falsely claiming that their employees own her domains, without paying any money for domain renewals

People who are cheated usually get angry, and sometimes resort to violence.Yet when the workers ransacked the Wistron iphone factory, the indian mainstream media, government does not question their mental age, or mental health,

only when the single woman domain investor is protesting against non-payment for ten years, to cover up their labor law violations, financial fraud, the cunning liar security, ntro, raw, cbi employees are questioning her mental health and mental age for getting angry

DISHONEST LIAR Indian internet companies ruthless in spreading false rumors about the mental health of their CYBERCRIME, MEMORY ROBBERY victim

The indian internet companies were aware that the housewife and other sugar babies, associates of top officials with raw/cbi jobs were not doing any computer work, investing money in domains and are least interested in doing so in future also.
Yet since 2010, they have been ruthless in ROBBING the MEMORY, business data of a hardworking single woman engineer and then falsely claiming that high status housewives only cooking, cleaning and other frauds were doing the computer work, to get all these frauds monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the single woman domain investor who was getting nothing
Then to cover up their CYBERCRIME, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES of ROBBING MEMORY of the single woman domain investor since 2010, ROBBER indian tech and internet companies spreading false rumors about her mental health, that she is idle when these LIAR DISHONEST indian internet companies are aware that only she is doing all the computer work and is the only person investing money, yet is getting nothing, because of the DISHONEST LIAR indian internet companies policy of rewarding robber lazy greedy housewives cooking, cleaning and other well connected frauds
So this posted as a fraud alert, so that people are aware of the real motivation of the LIAR indian internet companies who are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING a hardworking single woman only because they want to CHEAT, EXPLOIT her, get monthly salaries for lazy liar cheater housewives only COOKING, CLEANING and other well connected bribe giving frauds like sindhi scammer brothers nikhil, karan who do no computer work at all, do not invest any money online.

In india, people who complain about cheating, betrayal, fraud are labelled as having mental health problems


Mental harassment, torture, cheating and betrayal can create the impression of mental health problems

The actor’s mother who expired in 2002 has been mentioned repeatedly in case.
Based on the photo of Actor sushant singh rajput’s mother, it appears that the actor looked like his mother. Usually children look either like their biological mother or father. His intelligence may be also inherited from his mother. In india, individuals who extremely intelligent are usually mentally harassed, especially if they honest and introverted.

Then if they complain, they are labelled mentally unsound. It is clear that the actor was mentally harassed, and when he complained, he was given many medicines, which is not the right solution. Now rhea chakraborty is claiming that his mental problems were inherited from his mother who she claimed had mental health problems. In reality those harassing the actor, may be using the same techniques which were used to cause mental stress to his mother

This persecution of intelligent citizens is the reason for brain drain, indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely vicious in criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting and harassing hardworking intelligent citizens to destroy their life while in other countries, the leaders, officials, have the vision, honesty and humanity to utilize their talent productively, making the United States the most powerful country in the world

While a lot has been written about the actor, there is almost no information about his mother, whose name was Usha Singh, her family background, education and other information

To cover up their COMPUTER WORK FRAUD 3 GREEDY SHAMELESS goan bhandari LAZY LIAR fraud sisters piyali, purvi, sunaina chodan spread false mental health rumors

Panaji’s greedy shameless LIAR 3 goan bhandari sisters far worse than rhea chakraborty, yet given great powers for MAKING FAKE CLAIMS
The death of Actor Sushant Singh rajput allegedly because of rhea chakraborty is mainly because of the indian government policy of pampering and rewarding LAZY GREEDY SHAMELESS LIAR fraud young women with Panaji’s greedy shameless LIAR 3 goan bhandari dog owning sisters piyali, purvi and sunaina chodan (who looks like actress mallika sherawat) far worse than rhea chakraborty in their endless frauds and lies.
Panaji top fraud greedy LIAR sisters piyali, purvi and sunaina chodan are least interested in doing any type of computer work, investing any money in domains, yet with the help of their CYBERCRIMINAL relative pritesh chodankar working in security agencies, they are using the STOLEN data of a hardworking single woman engineer and FALSELY CLAIMING that they are doing the work, own the bank, online accounts
These GREEDY LIAR panaji goan bhandari fraud sisters do not even want to spend money on computers, yet allegedly supported by by google, tata these goan bhandari fraudster sisters like gujju school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, have continued with their fraud for the last eight years without being questioned at all and are pampered,rewarded by the panaji politicians, security agencies who blindly believe all their LIES.
To cover up their COMPUTER WORK FRAUD panaji greedy fraud LIAR goan bhandari sisters who are far worse than rhea chakraborty are spreading false rumors about the mental health of the hardworking single woman who is actually doing all the computer work for 8-10 hours daily
It is a reflection of the rot in indian and goan society that such LAZY GREEDY LIARS are considered high status, with the government blindly believing in their complete lies
This is posted as a fraud alert so that people, companies and countries are not duped by the LIAR panaji politicians, security agencies, and others especially from the goan bhandari community making fake claims about the fraud dog owning goan bhandari sisters purvi, piyali, sunaina, who do not even have a computer at home, yet are openly involved in COMPUTER WORK FRAUD since 2012, allegedly supported by google, tata

Rhea Chakraborty was following the footsteps of mhow monster ntro employee puneet in FAKING HELP to create mental health problems

Before the mhow monster ntro employee puneet started his FAKE HELP tamasha in 2010, no one had questioned the mental health of the domain investor. Only to grab the hard earned savings, resume of the domain investor, mhow monster ntro employee puneet, who is the greatest actor in India, started FAKING HELP to spread false rumors of mental health problems
This FAKE HELP was then used to ROB everything from the domain investor, who was his btech 1993 ee classmate who he actually HATED, like her retirement savings, resume, correspondence and memory. After everything was robbed and the domain investors life was destroyed completely, the mhow monster puneet was open about his HATRED
this FAKE HELP RACKET FOR ROBBERY has become extremely famous, and Rhea Chakraborty may have followed the footsteps of mhow monster puneet in faking help /relationship with Sushant singh rajput to destroy his life completely.