Medical treatment of dog bites

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The major problem caused by a dog bite is the infection, since the mouth of the dog contains a large number of bacteria and other dangerous microbes. In case of a injuries, the wound should be cleaned thoroughly by washing under water to remove any bacteria and other toxins which could cause a problem. An antibiotic ointment can also be applied to the wound to prevent infection. In case of a larger wound caused by the dog bite, resulting in damage to the blood vessels, the possibility of infection is higher. The victim should be given antibiotics, the wound covered with a bandage and put under observation.

In case the pain and swelling does not reduce after one day, it is advisable to contact a hospital for specialized medical care. Though few people die from rabies in the United States, one of the major risks of a dog bite is getting rabies, since it is fatal after the victim shows the signs of the infection. If the vaccination records of the dog which has bitten are available, a rabies vaccine may not be required. However if there is no information available about the dog and his vaccination history, then it is advisable to contact a hospital for getting the rabies vaccines.