The Best Coffee He Has Had

My husband drinks coffee every single day. He needs his cup in the morning, another at lunch, and at least one more in the afternoon. When we got married, he just brought his old drip coffee maker to the house we had rented together. That coffee maker lasted for the first nine years of our marriage, giving it a total lifespan of almost 15 years. He asked me if I would pick him up a new one, which I said I would. There are just so many though, so I went to a Cuppabean website so I could learn about the differences in the coffee makers.

Even though the one he had was just a cheap one he had bought at a store he used to work at, I did not want to replace it with another cheap one. I wanted to get the best one I could for him, because he truly does enjoy his coffee that much. I knew that if I could get him the best coffee maker possible. The site I went to reviews coffee makers and other things like espresso makers. I knew that he would just want a coffee maker, so I looked at the ones this site deems the ten best this year.

When I saw one from DeLonghi that does both coffee and espresso, I knew that it was the one I was going to get. Even though he does not drink espresso, we do have friends over at times who like it. It can even make hot chocolate, which is one hot drink that I do actually enjoy a lot. Because of the review, I knew that this was the coffee maker that was going to be the best replacement. When he had his first cup from it, he said it tasted better than any coffee he had ever had!